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Colour all year round ….. it’s easy! With our massive range of annuals, bi-annuals, and perennials to choose from. Large stocks of indoor and outdoor plants on show. Free expert advice is always available.


For creating structure to the garden, shrubs are essential. They also create shelter to the other plants in the garden, and they will attract birds and other wildlife into your open space.

Evergreen shrubs are great for adding a bit of colour in the winter months, such as Viburnum, Ceanothus (Californian Lilac), and Camellia.

Shrubs with foliage and stem interest, include: Pieris and Hebe. The Japanese Maple (Acer) is grown for its deep purple foliage, but other varieties have different coloured leaves.

Great flowering shrubs include: Rhododendron, Camellia, Mahonia (flowers in the winter), Lilac, Hydrangea, and Fuchsia.

For the traditional garden, we also sell a large selection of roses which are always a popular choice.



Great for adding a height dimension to your garden are the climbers.

Whether you are wanting to add colour to a hedge or to create a natural screen to add privacy to your garden there is a great selection of plants to choose from. The Clematis has been popular in gardens for centuries and with so many varieties available there is always one to choose from whatever the current season is. Some varieties are evergreen, like the Clematis Armandii, preferring a sunny sheltered spot.

Other climbers include, climbing roses (Rosa), Honeysuckle (Lonicera), Jasmine (Jasminum) and the Passion Flower (Passiflora). Another favourite is Wisteria, a rapid and strong grower, having a mass of purple, blue or white flowers in May.


For the flower beds a range of smaller plants add an extra splash of colour in the summer months. The main border favourites include Lupins, Delphiniums, Cosmos and Dianthus (pinks). For hanging baskets and pots there are Nasturtiums, Lobelia, Busy Lizzies and Geraniums.

bedding plants

For rockeries there are the alpines and the heathers. Heathers are great for adding colour to your garden in the late winter before the spring bulbs are in flower.

Edible Garden

The great thing about edible plants is you can enjoy them as being part of the garden, but you can eat them as well.

Herbs grown in the garden are great for adding flavouring to food. Rosemary and mint are very easy to grow and require little care. There are many other herbs on offer here at North Wales Garden World.

Vegetables don’t need a lot of space like many believe: Lettuce, peas, onions, carrots are compact plants. Why not try growing tomatoes against on a south facing wall?

Fruit trees can be grown in small or large gardens. We have a selection of apple, pear, plum and cherry trees available. Alternatively, there are always the soft fruits: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackcurrants and Redcurrants.

indoor plants

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only look good but also help provide a healthy atmosphere around your home.

We have a wide selection of foliage and flowering houseplants for you to choose from, with free gift wrapping on request.


To give a bit of an exotic feel to your garden there are many architectural type of plant available. The magnolia is a lovely shrub that in time becomes a tree with its striking red flower buds that appear in March and open out into delicate cream and pink flowers in April.

Ornamental grasses can add much interest to a garden and help to add structure in the autumn and winter months.

magnolia tree

The Yucca with large white flowers and palms such as the Cabbage Palm can be grown in this country. Some protection against hard frosts is advisable.

For screening purposes there is always bamboo.

Plants for a Purpose

Plants are often chosen for a purpose. The shady side of the garden is often thought of as the difficult part of the garden to find plants for, but many plants do not need sunny positions: hostas, ferns and Vinca (Periwinkle).

For gardens next to the coast, this can be an issue as many plants don’t tolerate the salt air. Examples of plants happy with coastal locations are Tamarix , Holly (Ilex), Privet, and Broom (Cytisus).

There is something special about the scented garden. Lavender is popular and easy to grow. Roses of course have a fantastic scent to them. The climber Honeysuckle is great as well.

To attract the birds, add plants with berries such as Pyracantha or Cotoneaster. Ornamental grasses will attract the seed eating birds like finches and sparrows.



Plants For A Particular Season

After the long winter months, Spring is a very colourful time in the garden especially with the use of primulas and spring bulbs like daffodils and tulip. Forsythia is a popular shrub with bright yellow flowers in the early Spring.

In the autumn there are many shrubs grown for their foliage which turns red before the leaves fall, such as the Virginia Creeper or the Ornamental Vine.  In the winter, you can still colour your garden with the likes of Heather or Mahonia. Alternatively why not try conifers which can provide shades of blue (Cypress) as well as green.

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