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With daylight hours stretching and warmer weather easing in, we can finally bid goodbye to winter and enjoy the spring. The garden will come alive this month, taking on a fresh appearance, and offering a promise of things to come. But do be aware frosts will be lurking around, so delay planting and sowing jobs if the soil is too cold and damp.
There will always be some new ideas for the coming season at North Wales Garden World so do pay us a visit.


If you are planning to plant any fruit, this is your last chance before autumn. Hoe round the bases of trees and complete pruning of apples and pears. For an early crop of strawberries, cover some of the plants with cloches.

Trees and Shrubs

Clear fallen leaves and twigs from under shrubs and around borders. Prune dead or diseased branches from trees and shrubs, along with any that are badly shaped. Ensure that supports and ties on young trees are secure but not too taut.


Prepare your vegetable plot for seed sowing, and chosen from a huge variety such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflowers, kale, leeks, lettuces, onions, parsnips, radishes, spinach and swedes. It is also time to plant early potatoes.


Lift, divide and replant any over-crowded perennials. Dig out with a fork and chop into sections with a spade. Sow hardy annuals and plant out sweet peas and summer flowering bulbs.


Rake out dead grass, remove moss and re make broken edges. This is also an ideal time to make new lawns from turf.


Feed plants fortnightly and increase watering. On a warm day, ventilate the greenhouse, but shut it down again at night. Time to pot up abutilons, ferns and cacti.


Now the warmer weather is here, the fish will start to come to the top of the water and will need to be fed more regularly. This early feeding should be with wheatgerm pellets as this is more easily digested in cold water.  Remove dead leaves and sludge. It is a good idea to add some filter start and bactericide to get your pond water back into good condition.

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