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Although winter gardening can often be more of a chore than a joy, work done at this time, such as digging over heavy soil and planting trees and shrubs, can pay dividends later in the year. A quick tour of the garden will also revel that nature is waking up, with buds swelling, and bulbs peeping though the soil.
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Finish pruning apple and pear trees to improve the quality and size of the fruit. Cut back autumn-fruiting raspberries to around 15cm from the ground and trim the tops of summer-fruiting raspberry canes.

Trees and Shrubs

Plant trees and shrubs, and prune buddleia and hydrangeas. Clear fragile trees and hedges after heavy snowfalls to stop the branches bending and breaking.


If you have prepared soil for planting, cover it with a protective layer of sheeting. This helps to warm up the soil and prevent it from becoming too damp. Plant artichokes, garlic and shallots in the ground.


Roses can be pruned toward the end of the month, along with winter jasmine and winter flowering heathers. Plant lilies and lily of the valley crowns, and divide and replant snowdrops and crocosmias. Encourage healthy, long lasting blooms by deadheading winter and spring bedding plants.


If lawn drainage is poor, prick ground with a fork to a depth of about 15cm and move to and fro. Depending on the weather, give a light mow towards the end of the month.


Move plants to larger pots if they show signs of outgrowing the current ones. Re-pot ferns, fuchsias and hydrangeas, and separate and re-pot cannas. Smarten the appearance of palms.


Pull out any fallen leaves and overcrowded oxygenating plants. If you are thinking of investing in some new aquatic plants, now is the time to do your research and decide what you would like.

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