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Relaxation ……No garden is complete without the ripple or splash of moving water that adds that essential element of life.


We sell a wide variety of tropical fish, from community fish to unusual oddballs, and a new Nano system.

Some of our range include:
Tiger Moray Eel; Giant Spotted Puffer;
Pearl Arowana; Motoro Stingray; Oscars;
Red-bellied Piranha; Musk Turtles; Snakehead; Koi;
Sterlets – to name but a few!

Come & watch us feed some of our more exotic fish at 2pm daily!

We have a large range of tanks including Aqua One and are stockists of the new Aqua Vogues and Ifalos tanks.
We have a variety of tank accessories and decorations: Everything you need to enjoy this fascinating hobby.

Our expert staff are always available for help and advice.

flat fish
tropical fish


Pond fish are our speciality. We have everything you need for an outdoor fish pond: moulded plastic ponds, liners, pumps and filtration, and of course pond fish.

We stock a stunning array of pond fish, from hardy Goldfish up to beautiful Koi Carp.

An excellent selection of pond plants are available through the season: Beautiful lilies, marginals, oxygenators and floating plants.

We stock a wide variety of pumps and filters ranging from basic gravity filtration boxes to the new Oase BioTec 80,000.

We stock well known product brands such as Oase, Bermuda, NT Labs, Tetra, King British and Lotus.

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